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Ftenagia Restaurant - Chalki

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Ftenagia beach

A sublime and very clean pebble beach with lots of rocky coves for those who desire some solitude.

Ftenagia is located behind the hotel and the small chapel of "Agia Aekaterini" (Saint Catherine). It is accessible either on foot by the rocky path which starts at the small chapel or by car from the road that passes under the islands windmills. If you choose to go on foot, you will reach the beach in 15 – 20 minutes.

For those who wish it, there is a minibus that starts off in the harbour and visits all of the worth while destinations of the island and of course Ftenagia is one of them. There is also the Chalki taxi that can transport you to any place on the island you want to visit.
For those of you who are traditional and love the sea, there is also the sea taxi that can transport you to anyone of the islands wonderful beaches.

Ftenagia is an organized beach that offers umbrellas and sun beds for those who wish to protect them selves from the unquestionably burning sun of Chalki. Here you can enjoy the clean deep blue waters and the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea with the island of Rhodes in the background.

If you’re ever in Chalki during August, you shouldn’t miss the rising of the red moon over the figure of Rhodes island.